serofi electrical drive

The Champions League of perfection. Electrical sliding door drives by serofiPRODUCTS.

Electrical drive


  • Controllable by scanners, passive infra-red movement signals, manual radio transmitter
  • Max. drive capacity: 50 watt
  • Safe through discerning obstacles and small voltage
  • Makes doors of a wing weight of up to 80 kilos automatic
  • No servicing needed whatsoever
  • Easy installing and programming
  • Designed for private living areas


Electrical drive


  • Variable speed with soft start- and stop function
  • Can be operated manually in case of power failure
  • Neat integration results in appealing look
  • Maxc. Opening speed: 3m/sec., to be freely adjusted
  • Automatic feed is possible
  • Protective small voltage 24v via external mains adaptor
  • Protective system IP 55
  • Many sensors available