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Project Data Sheets for wooden sliding door Sylt


Project data sheets for wooden sliding door Sylt

Fitting for sliding door

  • Fitting for wooden sliding door „Sylt“ from serofiPRODUCTS GmbH.

Fitting for sliding door of anodized aluminium, surface in aluminium E6EV1, for wooden doors without glass panel (light transmissive). Maximum load 100 kilo. For door thickness of 40mm. Running track with removable facing, fits for framesless sliding doors. Components with protected against corrision )protections class 2 DIN EN 1670), end caps and fastening kit includet.


 Door blade

  • Door blade

Door blade for sliding doors, with guidanca groove (8mm width, 18mm height).

Wooden door thickness

The door must have 40mm thickness


Door blade width

Wall opening width (standard) / door blade width


635 (+20mm)

760 (+20mm)

885 (+20mm)

1010 (+20mm)

1135 (+20mm)



735 mm

860 mm

985 mm

1110 mm

1235 mm









For the calculation door blade width special measurements: Width of wall opening + 100mm


Door blade height

Wall opening (standard) height


2005 (+20mm)

2130 (+20mm)



1985 mm

2110 mm






For the calculation door blade height special measurements: Height of wall opening - 20 mm

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