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How do I realize a sliding door?

Wy a sliding door?

Mostly, it is an inacceptable room design in the door area leads to the decision to change something about the present situation. Quite often, this concerns the kitchen, where the open revolving door is disturbing as it projects out of place into the room. When you start planning, you either do not think of later obstructions or you accept them, because buying a sliding door would be more expensive than a revolving door. Evrentuall, however, the revolving door is more and more disturbing. That is to be changed and you decide on installing a sliding door.

The following is meant to assist you in selecting and installing a sliding door.

Sliding door manual

How do I get doors that fit and match?

Wooden doors

Many different kinds of wood, colours and qualities are available in wooden doors and it is advisable to obtain information from a door supplier. It is not possible to determine the differences in a catalogue. All room doors with a thickness of 40mm will fit the serofi sliding door fittings. Most European doors are offered with this thickness. Standard widths in Germany are 610, 735, 860, 985, 1110 and 1235mm. Deviating measures are special widths. However, the serofi sliding door fitting is available in any width. Standard heights for doors are 1985 and 2110mm.

Glass doors

In Germany, the quality of glass doors has been standardized. In principle, they consist of ESG glass which, through hardening, disintegrates into many small crumbs when it breaks. They may also consist of VSG glass: Between two glass panes glued together there is a foil. In case of a break, the glass pane will not splinter. The glass door should be 8 or 10mm thick. The standard door widths apply here as well – same as with wooden doors. For long glass doors (Bali, Capri, Korfu) a standard height of 1955mm and for the short version (Mykonos, Madeira, Kuba) one of 1990 is required.

Wall opening

In the service area of our internet page you will find the heading “Construction measurements” in the sliding door manual. In the tables you will also find the carcass measurements of the wall hole. According to the German standard the lintel has a height of 2005 or 2130mm. According to DIN, these are supposed to be the minimum measurements. They may deviate up to +20mm. The width of the wall hole may be 635, 760, 885, 1010, 1135 or 1260mm and may deviate 20mm. A standard door will fit if the wall hole is within these standard measures. In case the measurements deviate and are outside the tolerance, a door with special measurements has to be used or the wall hole is adjusted.


Sliding door fittings by serofiPRODUCTS are suitable for sliding doors with or without frame

Use with frame

Which frame is used is mainly determined by fixing the door blade with wooden doors. In order that door blade fits the frame, both must be from the same manufacturer. The fittings by serofiPRODUCTS are designed for 16 and 20mm frames. The frame should be 60mm wide. Deviations are possible, but require adjustment. As an example, the white door on our internet page the frame is 25mm wide. Here, our fitting had to be lined. Frames for sliding doors are passage frames. They are available for various wall thicknesses.

Removing the old revolving door frame

The old frame of the revolving door is removed by first pulling off the blind frame. Then it shows that there is construction foam in some places between frame and wall, which we cut along the wall. This loosens the frame which can then be pulled out of the wall hole.

How to install the new passage frame

After removing the old revolving door frame, the new passage frame is put into the wall hole. After aligning and wedging the position of the new frame is fixed with construction foam. An installation instruction is enclosed with every frame.

Sliding door without frame

If no frame is to be installed, the position of the running track has to be measured. The installation instruction contains all the necessary measurements.

Which fitting do I have to take?

First of all, that depends on whether you have decided on using a frame or not.

Fittig for frames

As mentioned before, running tracks are designed for frames with a thickness of 16 or 20mm. This is the basis for further calculating the correct fitting. Next, you have to consider your door blade. Is it wood, the version of the fitting is decided by the fact if it is a door with a glass panel (light transmissive) or not. At an assumed frame thickness of 16mm and a door blade without glass panel, your right choice would be “Malta”, and with glass panel “Monaco”. With a 20mm frame and glass panel you have to choose “Samos” and without, “Rhodos”.

With glass doors, you must make up your mind: Do you want the glass door with a very slim appearance, or do you prefer to clamp it with a somewhat larger door profile. With a 16mm frame and the long clamped version, the “Bali” fitting would be the correct one. Short version, you must take version “Mykonos”. With a 20mm frame you have to use “Capri” with a long clamped pane and “Madeira” with a short clamped pane.

Running tracks for frames can also be used without a frame. To do that, you push a wall distance profile into the groove of the running track. In this combination, though, the door is a little farther from the wall than with fittings that have been designed for use without a frame. But sometimes it is desirable to be farther off the wall with the door, for instance with bulky skirting boards.

Fittings for sliding doors without frame

To keep the distance between door and wall as minimal as possible, a special running track has been developed. Here again, the various door profiles can be used. For a wooden door with glass panel, the fitting is called “Teneriffa”, without panel “Sylt”. For long clamped glass doors you choose “Korfu”, whereas “Kuba” woul be the right fitting for short camped glass doors. 

How wide must ma fitting be?

Versions with frame

The wall opening is relevant for the width of the fitting. 635mm (+20mm) means a standard width of 610mm of the door blade. At 760mm (+ 20mm),the door blade has to be 735mm; 885mm ( + 20mm) for a door blade of 860mm, 1010mm (+ 20mm) points to a door blade of 985mm, 1135mm (+ 20mm) is the wall opening for 1110mm doors and 1260mm (+ 20mm)for 1235mm wide door blades. Special widths have to be used for deviating measures. When using a frame, the width of the wall opening is always – 25mm, when calculating the width of the door blade. To give an example: At a wall width of 900mm, the door blade would be 875mm.

Frameless version

For versions without a frame, the width of the wall hole is deciding here, too. Is that width 635mm (+20mm) you use a door width of 735mm with standard widths (i.e. always one door widths bigger than for a version with frame). 760mm (+ 20mm) = 860mm wide door blade; 885mm wall hole = 985mm wide door blade etc.

In calculating the correct width of the door blade, you can always add 100mm to the width of the wall hole. In the same example as above, the width of the door blade should be 1000mm with a wall hole width of 900mm.

Installation of a fitting

Installing a serofi sliding door fitting is relatively simple. There are installation videos on our internet page and in addition, each set of fittings comes with a detailed description for installation in which every single step is explained precisely. An unexperienced do-it-yourselfer will take less than an hour for installing. Especially with the use of a frame, everything is tuned to each other. Nothing has to be calculated for the installation.

Installing accessories

All these, like soft stop, rabets, synchronous connections, semi-automatics etc. can be installed later. They are tuned to the basic fitting. Running track and carrying profile contain all the necessary grooves in order to take up attachments. With serofiPRODUCTS, they are, of course, inside the running track and thus invisible from outside.

Where do I get the fittings?

You can order the fitting directly from us, of our online shop. Complete systems are available from door suppliers in your vicinity. They sell our system for instance with doors by Prüm under the name ”Move”, Garant under “Slide”, Huga under “Alutec” etc. However, as described several time already, our fittings will fit any door with a thickness of 40mm. We are sure that your door supplier will be able to show you some combinations.

How are the fittings delivered?

serofiPRODUCTS delivers them in a box, using a parcel service up to a length of 2.7m, which corresponds to a door width of up to 1235mm. Bigger lengths have to be sent with a forwarding agency.

Can I get spare parts?

The components of serofiPRODUCTS have been designed for durability and longevity. And yet, something may get lost on site or even destroyed by force. Any part of a fitting is available later. We always take care that it can even be installed with older fittings – so that with fittings by serofiPRODUCTS you are always on the safe side, even years after installation.

How to download the sliding door manual as PDF