SEROFI Synchronized connection

Connect or separate rooms in a elegant and perfect way
with the synchronized connection by serofiPRODUCTS

Lefthand deflection


  • Muffler-supported deflection
  • Wear-and-tear free special rope
  • Always fits exactly - no shortening of rope needed
  • Individually adjustable door leaf adapters
  • Invisibly integrated into running track
  • Totally noiseless
  • Safe rope-guiding through self-tension


Righthand deflection


  • Designed for high demand
  • Suitable for wing weights of 2 X 40 kilos
  • Muffler support absorbs even jerky opening
  • No projektion required for deflection
  • Door runs underneath deflection


Driver / pick-up for left door


  • Driver on running track individually movable
  • Easy installation
  • Pre-fab synchronous rope, no modifications required
  • Can be used immediately


Driver / pick-up for right door


  • Upgraded
  • Invisible, as installation is done in running track
  • Safe functioning
  • Detailed instruction for installation


Synchronous fitting: Here in connection with glass sliding door fitting Bali


  • High quality technology
  • Elegant functioning
  • Separating rooms or joining them - whatever you desire
  • Mechanics not to be seen from below
  • Unique in this combination
  • Makes a barrier-free life easier
  • Passage wide enough for weelchairs