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How do I determine my door measurements?

In the service area there are the information pages „Construction measurements“ in chapter „Sliding Door Manual“. These pages contain all the necessary measurements for determining the required door measurements. The tables list the standard measurements of a German sliding door. Should there be deviations in your case, any relevant measurements can be determined by comparison.

To give an example:
You want to determine the height for a glass door, combined with the fitting “Bali”. Your frame has a height of 2020mm, measured from floor to upper edge of frame. From the table “Construction measuring table for glass doors – clamped pane” you can see that measurement “H4” with a standard frame (60x 16mm) should be 2042mm, whereas yours is only 2020mm. That means it is 22mm smaller than standard, so that the pane must also be 22mm smaller than “H3” for a standard glass door. The table states 1955mm for “H3”. So your glass pane would have to be 22mm smaller – in your case that would mean 1933mm.
Let´s now look at width. The width at your frame, measured from one edge to the opposite one measures 1000mm. In the same table (see above) you will find 1086mm, so that your frame is a little smaller too – in your case 86mm. A standard glass door – see “B3” – would be 985mm. Hence your glass door would have to be 86mm smaller, in this example 979mm. So for a 2020 by 1000mm frame you have to use a glass door with a height of 1933 and a width of 979mm.      Should you still not be sure, we´d be glad to advise you.

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